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Advanced and Flexible enterprise monitoring and automation solution for your hybrid-IT infrastructure

  • SaaS and On-prem Deployment
  • Up to 10,000 resources (min 100)
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*Price applicable for a minimum of 1000 devices with OnPrem Deployment


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Customizable, Scalable and Intelligent enterprise solution for your most complex hybrid-IT infrastructure monitoring and automation needs

  • SaaS and On-prem Deployment
  • Unlimited resources (min 100)
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With Netreo, it’s all about choices and flexibility. Our simplified pricing includes all features. Our easy to understand device-count licensing means it’s easy to figure out exactly how many licenses you need. And since Netreo is completely self-contained, there’s no hidden costs for databases, anti-virus, or operating systems to worry about.

*Volume Discount Available

Netreo's LITE Licensing Advantage: Device types classified as "Lite" consumes 1/10th of a device license, so you can make sure to get visibility into your entire enterprise at optimal cost, collect and record statistical data for the following five specific metrics (Bandwidth In/Bandwidth Out/Errors In/Errors Out/Latency) from no more than one interface (few Device type exmples, controller-based access points, IP cameras , IOT devices or other device types like Amazon S3, Amazon Lamda etc.)

Talk to Sales
Talk to Sales
Data Retention 3 year 3 year
Dashboards and Reporting Customizable Customizable
Integrations with 3rd party services Customizable Customizable
Platform Lifecycle Administration Automated AI-based
Network Management
Cloud Monitoring
Server Monitoring
Storage Monitoring
Database Monitoring
Container Monitoring
Configuration Management
Virtualization Management
Synthetic Application Monitoring
Dynamic Service Monitoring
Topology Mapping
Incident Management Standard AI-based
Traffic Analysis Standard Customizable
Advanced User Groups
AIOps Auto-pilot $
ITSM Integration $
CMDB Integration $
High Availability $
Staging/Sandbox Environment $
Footprint (# Service Engines) $ (5 included) 50 Included
Microsoft 365 Insight $ $

Support, Services & Trainings

Support Multi-channel, live 24/7, 4-hour Multi-channel, live 24/7, 4-hour
Onboarding Services Basic $
Advanced $$
Advanced $$
Professional Services $ $
Trusted Advisor Services $ $
Training Two credits included Ten credits included
Customer Success Monthly Touch Points Designated CSM


Definition Further Description
Data Retention Time series database retention of your monitoring and performance 3 year: Detailed statistics 90 days. Daily statistic 3 years.
Dashboards Dynamic, flexible, and drag and drop real time views

Standard: A robust set of default dashboards that can be used as environment overview.

Customizable: A large set of drag-and-drop visualization ‘widgets’, which helps the user with the ability to setup real time dashboards to best suit their use cases and usage patterns, in the most appealing manner. As an additional benefit, these dashboards can also be viewed as a rotating slideshow to help present complex data on external monitors throughout a room.

Additionally, Netreo’s Business Service Workflows empowers users to create rolled-up dashboard views of their full-stack organized by business services, through arbitrary grouping of devices.

Reporting Hundreds of out-of-the box flexible reports, either on-demand or scheduled

Standard: Ability to ability to store, forward and schedule the reports with one click.
Customizable: Ability to produce consistent and polished reports across all of the functional groups within an enterprise. This feature allows administrators to build generic templates of what reports should contain, with the ability to view, schedule and execute those template reports across any set of Business Workflows, Sites or Categories within their configuration.

Additionally, Netreo’s Business Service Workflows empowers users to create rolled-up reports visualizations of their full-stack organized by business services, through arbitrary grouping of devices.

Integrations with 3rd party services Streamlined access to metrics and events with tight integrations across all your stack

Standard:Integrations to a set of pre-defined 3rd party tools to increase your operational efficiency.
Customizable: Flexibility to build your own integrations in addition to the pre-defined 3rd party tools offered by Netreo.

Platform Lifecycle Administration Our tool for operational lifecycle management and automated tuning of your platform through cascading templates

Standard:Settings are manually managed for each monitored resource.

Automated (4 Levels):
1. Default - Settings that are applied to everything using templates
2. Resource type - A group of specific metrics and services for any given resource, device or application
3. Site - A grouping of resources based on geographic location
4. Category - A grouping of resources based on functionality

AI Based (5 Levels): Automated +
Functional Groups:An arbitrary grouping that can be used to control many different settings and administrative functions within Netreo platform. There is no limit to how many functional groups a device can be in. Functional groups give the ultimate flexibility to control templates based on the user needs.

Topology Mapping Automatically discover and map your network, systems, and resources Our topological overview of the connections between devices based on layer 2 and layer 3 connections
Incident Management Intelligent and flexible incident management to minimize alert fatigue and maximize targeted actions (Our engine provides the intelligence and flexibility to manage alert deluge by executing automatic event correlation and alert suppression. It also provides the flexibility to route actions and alerts based on real time conditions). Standard: Incident management and alert suppression based on layer 2 and 3 topology mapping, as well as per site latency mapping.
Customizable: Ultimate flexibility to create any sets of rules to minimize alert fatigue and maximize the targeted actions and alerts. Combined with AIOps Autopilot, it also allows incident management rules to be automatically created based on recent incident history.
Traffic Analysis Traffic analysis use flow based tools (Netflow, IPFix, Sflow Jflow and Cflow) Standard: Traffic breakdown and analysis are done based on industry standard application classification
Customizable: Ability to create application classification based on arbitrary IP address, ranges of address and TCP/UPD ports
Advanced User Groups Our administrative tool to organize users into groups for better orchestration The ability for an admin to micro segment their implementation so different sets of users only see particular subsets of devices and resources.