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Monitor User Experience For Your Cloud Applications

Netreo is an ideal tool to monitor user experience for mission-critical public or private cloud applications. Many enterprises are moving their mission-critical applications to the cloud, but relying on your cloud provider to do all the monitoring leaves much to be desired. Detecting user performance slowdowns before users call with complaints is critical to gaining acceptance of cloud-based applications.

Put Your Data to Work with Netreo’s Cloud Monitoring Tool

Netreo includes a number of performance and availability monitors that are designed to verify the functionality and performance of public or private cloud-based applications. Netreo uses a combination of real-time monitoring, polling, alerting, and synthetic transactions to allow you to monitor cloud applications on any platform. Available targets include (but aren’t limited to) Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon EC2 and AWS, and SalesForce. No other solution offers this comprehensive approach, ensuring that your users have rapid access to your critical applications whenever they need it.

Real-time and historical reports on availability, service-level agreements, response time, and detailed application performance allow you to ensure your cloud-based services are being delivered to your users as reliably and efficiently as your local services, and to hold your cloud providers accountable to their contractual service-level agreements.

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True Hybrid Visibility

Monitor all of your cloud resources within the same user interface dashboard as your on-premise resources.

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Simple Resource Management

Automatically detect changes to cloud-based resources, and automatically configure, organize, and monitor them.

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Multi-Vendor IaaS Support

Netreo supports learning and monitoring virtual machines from all the major cloud IaaS cloud providers, including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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SD-WAN Vendor Visibility

Netreo supports the learning, monitoring, and polling of Meraki and VeloCloud, with additional vendors on the product roadmap.

Why Netreo’s Cloud Monitoring Tool?

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Automatically Map Your Cloud Resources

By their nature, cloud resources are dynamic. Netreo automatically picks up changes in these resources and adjusts them accordingly in the tool.

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Guarantee Improvement to Your Team’s Alerts

Automatic, per-device alert dependencies guarantee the right parties get alerted to outages at proper time.

Alert Intelligently
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Make More Informed Business Decisions

Netreo includes predictive reporting from SNMP, WMI/Powershell, and API-provided performance data.

What Your Data Says
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See Holistic Views of Your Entire Environment

Like other network devices, virtual machines get integrated into the user interface ⁠— giving true monitoring of hybrid infrastructures.

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What You Should (and Should Not) Manage from the Cloud

As the majority of organizations move to the cloud they are faced with new challenges as it relates to monitoring these environments without increasing risk. Explore the ins-and-outs of cloud-based management for enterprise, hybrid cloud, and cloud-based environments.

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