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Azure VPN Gateway

Monitor, heal and scale Azure VPN Gateway

Azure Virtual Network is Microsoft’s cloud-based private network service that allows external networks to connect securely and privately to cloud resources running on the Microsoft Azure platform.


Ensure your Azure VPN Gateway is running without failures. Get immediately notified of any data limit excess or other failed activities.


Track a wide range of performance metrics. Get alerted whenever metric values get out of the expected range, and resolve issues before failures occur.


Based on the observations and analysis of data gathered, Powershell scripts can be executed against your VPN Gateway to remediate issues that may be detected.

What is Azure VPN Gateway?

Netreo’s “Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway” module gives your IT organization complete visibility into the Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway and provides alerts and automatic actions based on the predefined criteria.

Drive Efficiency

Enabling Microsoft Azure VPN Gateway in your deployment means one less tool engineers have to consult when troubleshooting issues in your IT Infrastructure.

Manage IT Spend

Ensure you’re dedicating the correct portion of your IT budget to productivity applications, and license utilization levels are in proportion with the size of your organization.

Improve SLAs

Allow the NOC team to isolate problems faster and properly route issues to the correct personnel, reducing MTTR and improving service levels provided to your end users.

End-to-End Visibility for Azure VPN Gateway

Get deep insights into Azure VPN Gateway health status and ensure optimal application performance and reliability:

  • Monitor throughput and current connections
  • Get notified about connection problems and outages
  • Track incoming and outgoing data rates by connection or across gateway

Azure VPN Gateway Automation

Keep your Azure VPN Gateway resources running optimally by automating common maintenance tasks by expression or on a schedule.

  • Reset VPN Gateway or execute a custom web request based on predefined conditions to ensure optimum operation
  • Receive notifications about the automated tasks and workflows execution
  • Monitor progress of your automated tasks execution across all resources


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