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Microsoft Windows Server Management

Setting up Microsoft Windows Server Management in Netreo takes just a few minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automation are preconfigured in default templates.


Ensure your Azure API Management is running without failures. Get immediately notified of any unhealthy backend resources or other failed activities.


Track a wide range of performance metrics. Get alerted whenever metric values get out of the expected range, and resolve issues before failures occur.


Based on the observations and analysis of data gathered, Powershell scripts can be executed against your API Management to remediate issues that may be detected.

What is Microsoft Windows Server Management?

Popularity of Windows servers is unparalleled. Today, the vast majority of the systems in the enterprise and about 30% of all websites run on Windows servers. Netreo helps with monitoring, managing and automatically resolving issues for Windows Servers deployed in any environment, including Azure and on-premise. Set up Netreo and start getting deep insights into your server farm’s operation.

Performance Monitoring

Track performance metrics, like CPU and memory usage, free disk space, requests/sec, or any other performance counters. Receive notifications whenever metric values get out of specified range and address issues before anybody notices.

Application Monitoring

Track the statuses of applications running on top of your VMs. Track IIS and SQL Server performance metrics. Monitor health of Windows services, processes and scheduled tasks. Check event logs for specific entries, and much more.

Crash Recovery

Ensure there are enough resources available for the most important applications and take action when things go wrong. Automatically reboot the server when free memory is low, restart memory hungry processes or crashed Windows services.

Windows Server Monitoring

Netreo provides a powerful set of monitoring features for Windows Servers. Rest assured that you will be notified of problems by immediate alerts rather than upset customers.

  • Track any performance counters


  • Receive alerts on critical information from event logs


  • Monitor Windows services, processes and scheduled tasks

Windows Server Automation

Automation features for Windows Servers allow you to set up pre-programmed activities that are always at work to keep your systems at optimal levels.

  • Automatically restart failed Windows services


  • Automatically reboot the server according to a schedule


  • Execute custom Powershell scripts


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