Microsoft 365 Insight

Microsoft 365 Insight

Eliminate Microsoft 365 Blindspots

Are you among the 43% if IT departments which have deployed Microsoft 365? If yes, you probably are enjoying the benefits of SaaS, but are concerned about mission-critical availability and performance not only from the core of your IT infrastructure, but to your end users as well. Netreo’s “Microsoft 365 Insight” module gets you the visibility you need to drive organizational productivity.

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Synthetic checks to the major services in the Microsoft 365 suite from your user endpoints to help validate digital experience of your user community.

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Get insight into IT spend for Microsoft 365. Track usage patterns and license consumption for Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer, and Skype.

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Based on the observations and analysis of data gathered, Powershell scripts can be executed against your Microsoft 365 tenant to remediate issues that may be detected.

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What is Netreo Microsoft 365 Insight?

Netreo’s”Microsoft 365 Insight” module gives your IT organization complete visibility into the Microsoft productivity suite. Get response times to each of these services, execute synthetic checks against the services, and obtain views into Microsoft 365 license utilization.   

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Drive Efficiency

Enabling Microsoft 365 Insight in your deployment means one less tool engineers have to consult when troubleshooting issues in your IT Infrastructure.

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Manage IT Spend

Ensure you’re dedicating the correct portion of your IT budget to productivity applications, and license utilization levels are in proportion with the size of your organization. 

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Improve SLAs

Allow the NOC team to isolate problems faster and properly route issues to the correct personnel, reducing MTTR and improving service levels provided to your end users.

Microsoft 365 insight Application Visibility

Multi-perspective Insight

A significant pain point for technical personnel who support a Microsoft 365 tenant is visibility into the service as a whole. Microsoft 365 Insight gives you that visibility./li>

  • Automatically logs into Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer, and Skype.
  • Calculates latency, then approximates your users’ experience using the productivity suite.
  • Quickly isolates operational issues to either your local environment or factors outside your control.
  • Microsoft 365 insight Application Response Time

    Digital Experience Metrics

    Working from home is now the norm. It is imperative to measure your remote personnel’s digital experience into critical IT resources.

  • Measure digital experience via a low footprint agent meant for a personal workstation.
  • Detects anomalistic behavior.
  • Included in built-in and ad-hoc reports.
  • Microsoft 365 insight Resource Utilization

    Resource Utilization

    As an IT leader you want to know the solutions you’re dedicating budget to are realizing the promised benefits. Microsoft 365 Insights helps you answer several questions:

  • For Exchange, Sharepoint, and OneDrive – do you have enough storage to meet your needs?
  • Which services get the most use from your personnel? What are the licensing implications to that usage?
  • Are the number of Microsoft 365 users in line with your organizational expectations?
  • Introducing the Netreo Microsoft 365 Insight Module

    Leading the charge in the modern IT organization’s shift from mere cost center to strategic weapon are SaaS-based office productivity applications. The Microsoft 365 suite is prime among them with a 43% share of that market. Given such widespread adoption it needs to be on the radar of IT leaders in terms of availability and performance.

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    Automated Root-Cause Analysis

    Root-cause Analysis is the systematic process of getting to the root of a problem. Did your organization suddenly get bandwidth, CPU, and DOWN alerts from three different servers on your network simultaneously? It would be highly coincidental if all three had separate and discrete failures. The reality is that each alert is likely connected in some manner.

    Root-cause analysis means figuring out that relation and solving the problem at its core. From a technical standpoint, if you don’t figure out the root cause of the alerts, then the likelihood of it happening again is pretty high. From a business standpoint, when you and your team are constantly chasing your tails and troubleshooting symptoms of a problem rather than its cause, it’s an inefficient and ineffective waste of your time. Even for engineers on the front lines of IT, time is money.

    Netreo’s auto-discovery capabilities helps your organization leverage automated root-cause analysis capabilities without having to seed your network monitoring system with application information.

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