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IT Monitoring Solutions for System Administrators

Manage the performance and availability of your systems from a true, single pane of glass with Netreo.

As the digital landscape of businesses transforms, customers are expecting 100% uptime of their applications. Systems Administrators are tasked with maximizing uptime of applications across a breadth of environments to meet these customer expectations. With all of this change, how are you ensuring optimal performance and availability of mission-critical applications?

Get Greater Visibility Into Server Performance, Health, and Utilization

Whether you run Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, or even OS/400 and Z/OS, Netreo has the tools built-in to quickly and easily monitor, report, and alert on your server and back-end systems.

Monitor User Experience for Your Cloud Applications

Netreo is an ideal tool to monitor user experience for mission-critical public or private cloud applications. Many enterprises are moving their mission-critical applications to the cloud, but relying on your cloud provider to do all the monitoring leaves much to be desired. Detecting user performance slowdowns before the users call with complaints is critical to gaining acceptance of cloud-based applications.

Industry-Leading Application Response Monitoring

Netreo helps you to manage your applications from a single view with the ability to drill into detailed statistics about every application running in your infrastructure.

Seamless Monitoring and Data Collection Across the Entire Enterprise

Seamlessly monitor database availability and status, and gather deep performance insights into databases like MYSQL, MS SQL, and Oracle with Netreo.

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