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What is Azure Access Control Service?

Azure Access Control Service (ACS) is a Microsoft-owned cloud-based service that provides an easy way of authenticating and authorizing users to gain access to web applications and services.

What is Azure Cloud Services Management?

Azure Cloud Services Management are the processes that enable in managing entire cloud operations and assets on the Azure Cloud Service Platform. Azure Cloud Service Management helps cloud administrators in managing and controlling end-to-end Azure Cloud-hosted and sourced IT assets and services.

What is Azure Site Recovery?

Azure Site Recovery is a native Azure cloud disaster recovery and data protection solution for virtual machines and servers hosted on Azure. It enables in protecting and recovering data from virtual machines on VMware and Hyper-V, and physical servers via a single solution.

What are Azure Cloud Services?

Azure Cloud Services are a collection of cloud-hosted IT services that enables creating, deploying and managing cloud-based enterprise applications, infrastructure, and services. It provides a suite of IT Infrastructure services to create, deploy and host simple to complex applications and API services on Microsoft managed scalable Azure cloud infrastructure.

What is Azure Cloud Service Monitoring?

Azure Cloud Services Monitoring is the collective processes that enable in managing, monitoring and controlling cloud operations and assets on Azure Cloud Services Platform. Azure Cloud Services Monitoring helps cloud administrators in ensuring cloud services performance, mitigating slowdowns and outages and delivers stable and consistent cloud services.

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