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An In depth introduction to Azure Virtual Network Monitoring

Azure Virtual Network Connectivity options
Why do you need Hybrid Cloud?
What is Azure VPN Gateway?
Monitoring Azure Virtual Network Gateways


Azure Virtual Network (Azure VNet) is likely one of the most important components in your Azure Infrastructure deployment.

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What is Azure VPN Gateway and how it is used?

Azure VPN Gateway is a cloud based network gateway that enables in connecting on-premises networks  with Azure using site-to-site VPNs.  Azure VPN Gateway provides secure connectivity by using industry standard protocols, IPsec and IKE to secure the connection.  

What is Azure Application Gateway and how it is used?

Azure Application Gateway provides HTTP based load balancing that enables in creating routing rules for traffic based on HTTP. Azure Application Gateway delivers application level routing and load balancing that enable sin creating reliable and scalable websites and web applications.

What is Azure ExpressRoute?

What is Azure ExpressRoute?

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides a dedicated private network connection between Microsoft data centers and on premises or a colocated environment. ExpressRoute is primarily a cloud integration solution that enables in establishing dedicated connections to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft SQL Azure with on premises infrastructure / database.

What is Azure Traffic Manager?

Azure Traffic Manager is a load balancing solution provided by Azure Cloud Services Platform that enables in controlling and load balancing the flow of traffic to specific endpoints.

What is Azure Virtual Network?

Azure Virtual Network (VNet) primarily enables in creating a virtual private network (VPN), having centrally controlled network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies, and routing.

What is Azure Networking?

Azure Networking solutions portfolio includes:

  • Azure virtual network – create a private network or connect on-premises networks
  • Azure load balancer – availability and network performance services
  • Azure Express Route – dedicated network fiber connection to Azure
  • Azure Traffic Manager – routing and managing incoming traffic
  • Azure DNS – Host domain name in Azure
  • Azure VPN Gateway – establish secure connectivity between premises
  • Azure Application Gateway – deliver scalable websites and online services
What is Azure Networking used for?

How to Setup FTP on Azure Virtual Machine?

FTP is an essential component when it comes to connecting with remote machines and servers – virtualization infrastructure is no exception. This article will provide simple and essential steps required to setup FTP on an Azure Virtual Machine.

Monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks using Netreo

Azure Virtual Networks allow cloud applications hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform to connect to internal enterprise networks through secure tunnels.  This enables hybrid-cloud scenarios, allows for utilization of premise resources alongside cloud resources and generally bridges the gap between internal data centers and cloud-based data centers.

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