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Azure Secrets on GitHub Repositories

Developers worldwide host their projects on GitHub with the majority using GitHub public repositories for their open source work. While being a great way to contribute to the community, it does come with things to keep in mind.

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Technical Method To Disable SSL 3.0 In Azure Machines

[fusion_text]Security is the ultimate goal of Microsoft Azure as customers want a highly protected environment for work. SSL 3.0 was a major vulnerability observed in Azure machines and websites.

Enhance security of Azure Storage

Azure Storage account users can now benefit from “Secure Transfer Required” option which enhances the security of their accounts by only allowing requests to the account from secure connections.

Detect and prevent Petya ransomware in Azure Security Center

Petya ransomware infection that originated in Ukraine affected a great deal of Windows machines worldwide and highlighted the sophisticated malware behavior in 64 countries. This article outlines basic measures that Azure users can take to detect and prevent this threat via Azure Security Center.

How to Use Sysmon to Detect In-Memory Attacks?

In-memory attacks have become a serious problem and the number of victims is increasing at a fast pace. Finding out the presence of the hacker in your system is difficult as hackers never write a file on the disk that is a usual way of hacking.

How Web Application Firewall Protects your Azure Servers

The IT professionals sometimes have no idea about the loopholes of the system they are working on. In order to exploit these loopholes, there are many tools in the market which can penetrate the system at any moment and ruin its credibility by disrupting its functionality.

What is Azure Key Vault and how it is used?

It is a cloud based key management and security service that enables in securing cryptographic keys, password and other secret services used by cloud applications and services.

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