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Netreo vs native Azure Monitoring

Netreo monitors a wide range of data, offering a comprehensive overview of both Azure and standalone resources. Much of the information tracked by Netreo is not available in Azure Portal.

The Ultimate list of Top SQL Monitoring Tools

SQL Monitoring tools help monitor, optimize and automate day to day database administration and management operations.  They provide database administrators, designers and engineers with knowledge and power to optimize their database systems for optimal business performance in diverse, complex production environments.

What is SQL Azure Performance Monitoring?

SQL Azure Performance Monitoring is the set of processes that help in managing and ensuring performance on the database resources and assets- hosted and deployed on SQL Azure Platform.

How to copy SQL Azure database to local development server?

SQL Azure Database provides all the essential database creation, querying, testing and optimization tools from the Azure Cloud Service Platform. However, there are times when you do need to work on database hosted on Azure from your local development server.

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