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Monitoring custom metrics with Netreo

All too frequently system administrators and developers need to keep an eye on critical signals generated by their production systems. However, if these signals are highly specific in nature, tracking them can be tough.

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What is SQL Azure (Azure Database)?

SQL Azure is the cloud hosted delivery mode of the Microsoft SQL Database in Microsoft Azure. It provides SQL Database services on a scalable and cloud hosted Azure environment via a database as a service (DBaaS) model.

What is SQL Azure Database Monitoring?

SQL Azure Database Monitoring consists of the collective tools, techniques, and processes that help in monitoring operations and performance on SQL Azure Database. It provides insight into the utilization and statuses of different database elements and the means to ensure performance across all SQL Azure operations.

What is SQL Azure Database Management?

SQL Azure Database Management is the set of processes that help in managing the entire database resources and assets- hosted and deployed on SQL Azure Platform.

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