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What is Azure Virtual Network?

Azure Virtual Network (VNet) primarily enables in creating a virtual private network (VPN), having centrally controlled network settings, DHCP address blocks, DNS settings, security policies, and routing.

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How to connect virtual machine within an Azure Virtual Network?

So you have embarked on your journey on Microsoft Azure Network and have set up multiple virtual machines. Though it is easy to install virtual machines, sometimes new Azure users find it difficult to interconnect two or more virtual machines together.

What is Azure Virtual Network Management?

Azure Virtual Network Management is the process of managing, monitoring, optimizing, and controlling operations of Virtual Networks hosted on Azure Cloud platform. It allows for the supervision of all external networks connected with virtual network and the cloud resources running on Microsoft Azure platform.

Monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks using Netreo

Azure Virtual Networks allow cloud applications hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform to connect to internal enterprise networks through secure tunnels.  This enables hybrid-cloud scenarios, allows for utilization of premise resources alongside cloud resources and generally bridges the gap between internal data centers and cloud-based data centers.

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