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What are Azure Web Apps?

Azure Website/WebApp is referred to the cloud computing infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure to deploy, host and deliver web apps, mobile apps and websites. It is a set of technologies and solutions offered by Azure that enables in creating and hosting scalable web applications and websites in the Azure platform.

What is Azure Fabric Controller?

Azure Fabric Controller is a native component of Azure Service Platform that manages the hardware resources provisioned for hosted software applications. It manages and monitors the allocation of computing resources to all virtual machines and the underlying hardware resources that altogether make up the Azure platform.

What is Azure Service Platform?

Azure Service Platform is the collection of integrated cloud hosted computing, database, mobile, networking, web and analytics solution provided by Microsoft Azure. It is the entire suite of cloud services Microsoft Azure is providing.

What is SQL Azure (Azure Database)?

SQL Azure is the cloud hosted delivery mode of the Microsoft SQL Database in Microsoft Azure. It provides SQL Database services on a scalable and cloud hosted Azure environment via a database as a service (DBaaS) model.

Historical reporting of Azure performance going back up to 12 months

Netreo users can now gain additional insight by seeing performance and uptime data of their environments visualized with a new Historical Reporting feature. With initial release, we’re deploying two reports:

  • Performance
  • Uptime

Both reports can go back in time for up to 12 months ago and visualize collected data for their users.

5 Tips for optimizing applications on Azure for performance

Azure is a scalable cloud computing architecture that is designed to deliver enterprise class IT resources for simple to complex applications. It is home to some of the top applications in the world and handles thousands of instructions per day.

Monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks using Netreo

Azure Virtual Networks allow cloud applications hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform to connect to internal enterprise networks through secure tunnels.  This enables hybrid-cloud scenarios, allows for utilization of premise resources alongside cloud resources and generally bridges the gap between internal data centers and cloud-based data centers.

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