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How to automate scaling/resizing of Azure VMs

If you are interested in shutting down Azure VMs on a schedule, learn more here.  If shutting down a VM during non-busy hours is impractical, consider scaling it down in power.

How to automate shutdowns of Azure VMs

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to Shutdown and Start cloud-based Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines on a schedule.  The process takes about 1-2 minutes and is easily replicable to any and all VMs in your Azure subscription in just a few minutes more.  

What is a Cloud Automation Software and how it is used?

What is a Cloud Automation Software?

Cloud Automation Software is a type of cloud management software that helps in automating operational, maintenance and recovery tasks on a cloud computing platform.

What is Cloud Monitoring Software?

Cloud Monitoring Software is a type of software that enables in reviewing, observing and managing the operational progress and processes inside a cloud-based IT infrastructure.

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