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How to Perform AWS Monitoring: Tools and Best Practices

As more and more businesses adopt microservices and leverage cloud infrastructures, keeping track of services and resources becomes increasingly important. Comprehensive monitoring is needed to ensure optimal performance, avoid downtime and ensure all have a great user experience.

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How to keep Azure Cloud Roles stable with Netreo

In this article, we’ll discuss a few very simple approaches to keep your Azure Cloud Roles stable proactively and reactively.  Netreo is a tool that helps with these approaches. 

How to automate scaling/resizing of Azure VMs

If you are interested in shutting down Azure VMs on a schedule, learn more here.  If shutting down a VM during non-busy hours is impractical, consider scaling it down in power.

How to automate shutdowns of Azure VMs

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to Shutdown and Start cloud-based Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines on a schedule.  The process takes about 1-2 minutes and is easily replicable to any and all VMs in your Azure subscription in just a few minutes more.  

The Ultimate List of Top Azure Monitoring Tools

Azure Monitoring tools help monitor, optimize and automate day to day Azure Cloud administration and management operations.  They provide Azure Cloud administrators and engineers with knowledge and power to optimize their cloud systems for optimal performance in diverse, complex production environments.

What is Infrastructure Monitoring Software?

Infrastructure monitoring software monitors and manages computing operations and performance in an IT Infrastructure / environment.  Infrastructure monitoring software helps IT administrators in;

  • Measuring and monitoring IT Infrastructure operations and performance
  • Optimizing operations and processes to improve or ensure performance


Infrastructure monitoring software is primarily used to help IT administrators in managing the entire IT Infrastructure owned by an organization.

What is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud Monitoring is referred to the process of supervision of cloud hosted data, virtual machines / server, databases, applications and or complete cloud based IT Infrastructure.

What is Azure Status Dashboard?

Azure Service Dashboard is a online platform where Azure Cloud Services users / subscribers can view and monitor status of current services provisioned.  Microsoft Azure Services Dashboard primarily allows Azure subscribers to view the health and operational status of each overall Azure service separately.

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