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Send Netreo data to Zabbix or Nagios XI

Zabbix and Nagios XI are popular enterprise-level solutions for monitoring large numbers of applications, servers, VMs, and network devices in real-time. However, at this time, they lack native Azure monitoring capabilities.

How to effectively manage and monitor multiple customers in Netreo

If you are a Service Provider IT organization that maintains and monitor multiple customers systems, many considerations should be accounted for, in addition to actual monitoring, such as:

  • User & Permission management
  • Customer reporting
  • Data affinity and isolation
  • Centralized configuration management
  • White-labeling
  • Volume discounts

Netreo has a number of features that address issues mentioned above and allow Service Providers to effectively manage and monitor multiple customers under a single Netreo subscription.

What is Azure Data Catalog and how it used?

Azure Data Catalog is a cloud tool for registering and finding data assets and sources by companies. It is metadata catalog which can store, describe, indexes and provides information on how to access any preregistered data.

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