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Monitoring custom metrics with Netreo

All too frequently system administrators and developers need to keep an eye on critical signals generated by their production systems. However, if these signals are highly specific in nature, tracking them can be tough.

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Netreo Platform Security

Now, more than ever, Information Security is a topic that should not be taken lightly. All organizations are vulnerable through technology, and it is imperative that risk is managed on a daily basis.

Managing Digital Experience Using Synthetic Monitoring

IT monitoring and management have traditionally been focused on an enterprise’s IT backbone; e.g. its data centers, servers, networks, etc. However, with more and more employees working from home these days, and customers or partners scattered around the world, organizations have all found it is critical to monitor and manage an extended network connection to ensure a supreme digital experience for their employees, customers, or partners.

How to effectively manage and monitor multiple customers in Netreo

If you are a Service Provider IT organization that maintains and monitor multiple customers systems, many considerations should be accounted for, in addition to actual monitoring, such as:

  • User & Permission management
  • Customer reporting
  • Data affinity and isolation
  • Centralized configuration management
  • White-labeling
  • Volume discounts

Netreo has a number of features that address issues mentioned above and allow Service Providers to effectively manage and monitor multiple customers under a single Netreo subscription.

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