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The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Monitoring Noise

We’re not going to sugar coat it – network monitoring is a drag. The most common pain points we hear customers talking about are a lack of a single view into all of IT, over-alerting, and the admin overhead required to keep the whole thing working.

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How Trouble Hides in Your Virtualized Systems

Partial blindness is a trade-off some network admins make for the advantages of virtualized systems. It’s often hard to see whether you’re pushing your virtual resources too much—or too little.

4 Tips for Application Monitoring in the Cloud

Cloud applications have generally earned a strong reputation for reliable uptime. But it’s still critical to monitor your cloud-hosted systems and applications with continuous testing of availability and response time.

How to monitor any URL using Netreo

Regular pings are the simplest way to ensure that a website is up. But in many situations pinging the URL is not enough to find out if the application is operating properly.

How to effectively manage and monitor multiple customers in Netreo

If you are a Service Provider IT organization that maintains and monitor multiple customers systems, many considerations should be accounted for, in addition to actual monitoring, such as:

  • User & Permission management
  • Customer reporting
  • Data affinity and isolation
  • Centralized configuration management
  • White-labeling
  • Volume discounts

Netreo has a number of features that address issues mentioned above and allow Service Providers to effectively manage and monitor multiple customers under a single Netreo subscription.

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