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The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Monitoring Noise

We’re not going to sugar coat it – network monitoring is a drag. The most common pain points we hear customers talking about are a lack of a single view into all of IT, over-alerting, and the admin overhead required to keep the whole thing working.

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Eliminating DevOps Monitoring Challenges, Part IV: Data Transparency

A crucial step to having efficient DevOps consulting is by being completely transparent with data. By making monitoring data available to everyone in the value stream, everyone shares a common view of reality, which aids in communications, and demonstrates transparency which enhances trust.

Managing Digital Experience Using Synthetic Monitoring

IT monitoring and management have traditionally been focused on an enterprise’s IT backbone; e.g. its data centers, servers, networks, etc. However, with more and more employees working from home these days, and customers or partners scattered around the world, organizations have all found it is critical to monitor and manage an extended network connection to ensure a supreme digital experience for their employees, customers, or partners.

Weather an IT Incident Storm

Ever watch news coverage of an incoming hurricane? You’ve got those correspondents out there in the elements, wearing their yellow rain ponchos, fighting the wind, and describing the scene to an audience watching at home.

Historical reporting of Azure performance going back up to 12 months

Netreo users can now gain additional insight by seeing performance and uptime data of their environments visualized with a new Historical Reporting feature. With initial release, we’re deploying two reports:

  • Performance
  • Uptime

Both reports can go back in time for up to 12 months ago and visualize collected data for their users.

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