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Application Gateway Analytics with GoAccess

Azure Application Gateway records traffic patterns and useful information in its access log. Different tools such as Azure Log Analytics, Excel, Power BI, and others are used to push this information to Azure Storage.

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Protection Of Machines With Managed Disks Using Azure Site Recovery

Microsoft has recently announced the ability of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to set up Disaster Recovery (DR) for IaaS VMs using managed disks. This feature allows ASR to become an all-encompassing disaster recovery solution for applications hosted on IaaS VMs, including those hosted on VMs with managed disks.

GPU-Enabled Clusters On Azure Get An Accelerated Spark

An exceptional convergence of big data is demonstrated by the ability to have Spark run on a GPU-enabled cluster. During the past decades, the explosion of the GPU market has been witnessed when companies decided to integrate workflows like AI and other HPC into their businesses.

Azure Site Recovery’s Latest Onboarding Experience

With the latest release of the Azure Site Recovery service for VMware to Azure, a new initiative has been brought that lets users initiating virtual machines replication in less than 30 minutes.

What is Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring?

Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring is the process of monitoring virtual machines hosted on Azure infrastructure for performance and availability.  It is a set of different processes tools and technologies that help cloud administrators in monitoring and controlling their Azure-hosted virtual machines infrastructure.  

How to Setup FTP on Azure Virtual Machine?

FTP is an essential component when it comes to connecting with remote machines and servers – virtualization infrastructure is no exception. This article will provide simple and essential steps required to setup FTP on an Azure Virtual Machine.

What are Azure Virtual Machines?

Azure Virtual Machines are the virtual machine instances on the Azure platform that are used to create and deliver Windows and Linux Virtual Machines. It is an Azure Native Virtual Machine Manager / Hypervisor that enables in creation and provisioning of instant virtual machines in any set or quantity.

What is Azure Virtual Machines Management?

Azure Virtual Machines Management is the process of monitoring and managing the operations and processes on virtual machines – hosted on the Azure Cloud Service Platform.

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