"We already had a comprehensive monitoring solution in place at Edmunds.com. However, we lacked the ability to monitor VoIP performance and call quality. Netreo closed that gap and extended our capability to manage and monitor our voice and data IP applications and network devices. Netreo is a flexible and configurable product that provides us with a consolidated graphical interface, multi-platform support and the ability to drill-down into systems and application components. The reporting platform is extremely intuitive and offers real-time or historical reports for any site. The technical support group has always been very quick to respond and it has been a pleasure working with everyone at the company."— Heather Tipple, Director of Information Systems Edmunds.com
"Given the complexity of our mail infrastructure, an "Empty Inbox" is anxiety inducing. Is everything at 100% or is there a problem preventing email delivery? The mobile app eliminates that question entirely.”— Jacob Matusevich, Infrastructure Manager Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston
"We take availability monitoring very seriously – this is very critical to us– if the network goes down our customers go down, and that should never happen. Netreo sets us apart with an almost omniscient ability to foresee potential problems and neutralize them before they impact our services."— Scott Pedersen, Vice President, Architecture and Technology Getronics
"Netreo is the first and only tool we’ve found that provides robust network management capabilities for every component in our complex, heterogeneous systems environment that includes IBM AS400s, Windows servers and many other devices including our video over IP teleconferencing system. Dollar for dollar, Netreo runs circles around all the other performance management solutions we considered."— Mike Bourque, Technical Services Manager Golden State Foods
"Our partnership with Netreo and our increased adoption of [the platform] has allowed IGT to broaden and modernize our portfolio of Support and Managed Services. The functionality, flexibility, and cost effective nature of Netreo has enabled great things for IGT and our customers."— Sean Sauter, Vice President, Global Systems Services IGT
"We chose Netreo for its ease of deployment and use, managed service, product features and ease of integration with other solutions."— Jon W. Friese, Senior Specialist, Network Security Mitsubishi Motors North America
"Netreo's team of engineers are the best in the industry, they can be counted on when we need them the most. Netreo is an invaluable part of our network management strategy."— Mike Hagen, Senior Network Engineer The Orange County Register / Freedom Communications
"I used Netreo extensively at my previous engagement and was able to bring order to a then very chaotic environment. Netreo was able to pinpoint issues and bring order to change control at a device level where any configuration change generated an automatic communication. It was a single looking glass for all my infrastructure. I am now in an environment where monitoring does not exist and there is no window to how my environment is performing. I believe with Netreo I should have a window to my environment on how it is performing and make necessary changes based on the findings. In addition I chose Netreo as they have very good customer support and will work with the customer to ensure that the customers' needs are met."— Duleep Wikramanayake, Chief Information Officer TRA Medical Imaging
"We now get real-time warnings about network problems before our business units even realize there’s an issue. OmniCenter increases the speed of our IT group's reaction time. It’s all about repositioning IT to be continuously proactive in supporting the business."— Corey Mason, Director of Global Information Technology Twin Disc
"I used IT management packages in the corporate world on Wall Street and was never very impressed. So, I was skeptical when I came to UC Irvine and found that they had recently replaced homegrown monitoring programs with Netreo. It didn’t take long for me to change my mind and see the payback. Netreo has saved us time, effort, resources and money by giving us a consolidated, centralized approach to management."— E. Scott Menter, Director for Infrastructure Services University of California, Irvine
"As the campus department charged with maintaining the UCI campus network, Network and Academic Computing Services (NACS) has always had a keen interest in knowing if the network is behaving and fully functional. In the seven years I've been at UCI, I have seen NACS try a number of solutions for monitoring critical areas of the network, and none has been fully satisfactory. For this reason, we undertook building a series of monitoring web pages using RRD Tool to get what we were looking for. This is as close as we got to a satisfactory solution before we found out about Netreo. Netreo solved a number of problems for us, and we are quite happy with it. One issue we have faced is the work required to maintain the systems and software for our monitoring system. The group within NACS that had this assignment is constantly being barraged with new, critical, projects, and it seemed that it was difficult to apply proper resources to keeping these systems running well. Another issue for us is that as the network changed and grew, existing pages would become 'stale,' and there would be a waiting queue for implementing new monitoring pages. In that we decided to lease Netreo, Netreo has taken the issue of maintaining the systems completely off our hands. The systems are cared for by Netreo, and are kept up-to-date, both in terms of security patches and in terms of product updates. While Netreo has trained all folks involved in monitoring systems and networking devices on their product, and we can make changes to what is being monitored and how all we like, when we need help for whatever reason Netreo is only a phone call or an email away, and their response has been very good. No more stale Web pages. It is much less work to get new devices, or 'pollable elements,' set up for monitoring then it ever was before. We like both the product Netreo offers, the service, and the company."— Garrett D. Hildebrand, Network and Academic Computing Services University of California, Irvine

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