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The Netreo Health Check

Affordable Trusted Advisory Services for Optimizing Your Netreo Deployment

Optimizing network monitoring performance starts with keeping your Netreo monitoring solution in shape. The Netreo Health Check Service is ideal for customers short on time and resources and simplifies how you reap maximum value from your smart and secure Netreo solution. Annual Netreo Health Checks provide a comprehensive review of your implementation with an eye on business-specific results:

  • Performance review of current Netreo monitoring configurations
  • Device status for all active & disabled devices
  • Evaluation of configuration changes over the last 12 months
  • Actionable insights for optimizing Netreo implementations for business-specific results
  • Detailed report for enhancing a wide range of evaluation, planning & decision-making outcomes

The Power of a Comprehensive Netreo System Audit

After a meticulous examination of your Netreo system, your in-depth audit reveals crucial insights on the configuration of your Netreo instance.

User Data Mastery

Knowledge is power, and in this case, mastering user data is the power to enhance system security. Dive into the nuances of user activity, overtime access, failed login attempts and individual logins.

AIOps Warnings Decoded

Stay ahead of potential issues with a clear understanding of what your system is trying to tell you. Uncover the meaning behind your complete list of AIOps warnings and critical notifications.

Alert Archives

With a historical perspective of alert configurations, you’ll find it easy to fine-tune Netreo for maximum efficiency. Explore active alert lists over time, assessing both the duration and recurring incidents that impact performance.

Resource Roadmap

Timely and accurate data enables you to strategically optimize IT resources for a more streamlined and effective monitoring system. With easy access to alert configurations, sites, categories and groups, it’s simple to get the most from Netreo.

Regular Tuneup for Optimal Performance

Performed by Certified Netreo Technicians, the Netreo Health Check Service includes detailed metrics in 3 categories to simplify how you ensure your Netreo implementation is tuned to your business needs:

  • Executive Summary
    • With Quick Hit analysis
  • Topic Areas Review
  • Health Analysis
    • Fully detailed performance analysis
    • Performance metrics against established benchmarks
    • Continuous improvements for short- & long-term goal setting

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Executive Summary

Your Executive Summary provides an overall performance review highlighting the general health of your Netreo monitoring implementation. Summary data also provides a Quick Hit analysis of where simple changes will deliver the greatest immediate benefits on process efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

  • User-specific data for enhancing system security
  • Details behind AIOps warnings for staying ahead of potential issues
  • Historical perspective of alert configurations for easy fine-tuning
  • Strategic, timely & accurate data for improved resource planning & optimization

Topic Areas Review

A comprehensive review of system setup provides detailed information and metrics on improving ticket counts, alert effectiveness, security and much more.

  • System Performance
  • Device Grouping
  • Device Management
  • Maintenance
  • Discovery
  • Templates
  • Modules
  • Incidents / Problems

Network Health Analysis & Rating

Netreo has captured more than 23 years of network monitoring industry best practices and real-world statistics. Each Health Check includes an analysis of your Netreo environment against these valuable metrics, helping you improve your monitoring outcomes of critical systems, including security (failed logons), virtual environments, traffic analysis trends, email monitoring and much, much more.

Network Health Overview

Providing a point-in-time audit of your Netreo configuration, the Network Health Overview identifies simple changes for improving overall performance, plus recommendations on specific areas where opportunities are prime for elevating efficiencies and lowering costs:

  • Identifying devices in your inventory that are disabled
  • Isolating systems that are being incorrectly monitored
  • Locating groupings with no devices
  • Identifying templates being improperly used
  • Recommending scheduled maintenance windows for reducing alert noise
  • Planning technology refreshes based on actual metrics and ROI
  • Allocating appropriate staff levels for managing incident counts
  • Providing visibility to senior management into organizational effectiveness

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