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The Netreo Certified Monitoring Engineer (NCME) program is a multi-day, hands-on, in-person training class that you and your staff can attend in order learn how to truly take your network management to the next level. Topics that will be covered include conceptual topics, such as planning, incident response strategies, and prioritizing alerts as well as hands-on advanced technical skills like setting up complex dependencies, optimizing your alerting strategy, tuning and troubleshooting thresholds and alerts, integrating with third-party APIs, and much more. NCME’s receive a number of benefits, including a not-for-resale lab license of Netreo, priority access to technical support, and dedicated technical and engineering resources, as well as the skills and tools to make the most of your investment in monitoring technology.

To enroll, contact your Netreo Account Manager at 866-NETREO1 (866-638-7361).

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Certification Requirements

In order to receive the NCME certification, students are required to pass a written exam at the end of the three-day training class. A score of 75% or higher on the test is required for certification.

Since this class covers advanced topics, students who are not familiar with Netreo or who have limited experience with network management tools and technologies are encouraged to view and understand our online administrative training videos before attending.

What This Training Covers

In addition to extensive hands-on training with Netreo including real-world scenarios and troubleshooting, students will learn best practices in IT management including policy development, emergency communications, creation of an action plan, and strategies to successfully integrate with third-party tools and technologies. The topics covered will include (but are not limited to):

  • Systems and Network Monitoring
  • Solving Real-world problems
  • Alerting Policy (development, goals, best practices)
  • Environment preparation (security, authentication, etc)
  • Monitoring technologies
  • Poll vs Push
  • SNMP
  • WMI
  • Flow
  • Log data
  • API data — XML/SOAP/JSON
  • SQL monitoring
  • Using Regular expressions / PCRE
  • Netreo Administration
  • Architecture
  • Adding devices
  • Troubleshooting device communications / authentication
  • Discovery vs Data polling
  • Understanding and managing alert actions (webhooks, active response)
  • Configuring host / service checks
  • Setting thresholds (baselining, tuning, anomalies)
  • Cascading Templates
  • User management / authentication (permissions, custom dashboards)
  • Strategic Groups
  • Interface tagging and reports
  • Custom map creation and management
  • Traffic / Flow configuration
  • Web ART configuration (including remote monitoring)
  • Email synthetic check configuration
  • Virtualization monitoring
  • Incident management rules
  • Troubleshooting & Configuration Exercises (throughout the training)
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Recommended Preparation

A basic knowledge of Netreo, IP addressing, and network management technologies including SNMP. We recommend students attend an online Netreo Administrator training prior to the class, if they have not already done so.

A self-assessment exam is available here.

What to bring?

  • A Laptop with WiFi, SSH client, and web browser (Firefox or Chrome browser recommended)
  • Water Bottle (recommended)
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The NCME Training program is $1,495 per student. Pricing includes breakfast and lunch each day of instruction but does not include travel or lodging expenses.

Class size is strictly limited to 8 students per session to ensure that every student recieves individualized attention. As classes tend to sell-out early, we encourage you to enroll as soon as your schedule permits. Reservations cancelled less than 15 days before the class date will not be refunded.

To enroll, contact your Netreo Account Manager at 866-NETREO1 (866-638-7361).

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