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Driving Real-world Value with Netreo’s Microsoft 365 Insight

Are you among the 43% if IT departments which have deployed Microsoft 365?  If yes, you probably are enjoying the benefits of SaaS, but are concerned about mission-critical availability and performance not only from the core of your IT infrastructure, but to your end users as well.

Join our upcoming webinar with special guest Alex Ulbrich, CTO at Whitlock IS, and Netreo Product Manager (and recovering sys-admin), Andy Markowitz, to explore best practices for achieving the Microsoft 365 visibility you need to drive maximum productivity.

Webinar will cover:

  • The inherent challenges of managing Microsoft 365 environments
  • The Whitlock IS 30-30-30 methodology for achieving unified Microsoft 365 visibility
  • A firsthand look at v2 of Netreo’s Microsoft 365 Insight

Webinar will conclude with live Q&A.

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Webinar Presenter

Andy Markowitz

Andy Markowitz

Product Manager


Alex Ulbrich

Alex Ulbrich


Whitlock IS

Alex, CTO at Whitlock IS, has done almost everything in IT: starting in the help desk, promoting into the network operations center, moving up to a Unix administrator, consulting, and now a chief technology officer for a leading IT transformation company, Whitlock Infrastructure Solutions. Currently, he is responsible for managing the overall technical direction for the company, security, and technical training. Additionally, Alex works with the service delivery practice to work on complex problems for Whitlock’s clients. As the innovation chief, he develops training, process, and resource allocation for the purpose of revenue generation or cost savings through new ideas generated by everyone in the company.

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