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3 Keys to Automating IT Management

Regardless of what initiative tops your IT organization’s list this year or the next, automation should be a key element, if not an initiative of its own. According to the Enterprise Project, a community sponsored by Red Hat helping CIOs and IT leaders solve problems:

“IT automation, sometimes referred to as infrastructure automation, is the use of software to create repeatable instructions and processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Automation is key to IT optimization and digital transformation.”

If you think about it, implementing automation for routine IT tasks could have a more profound impact than most popular IT initiatives. Automation helps IT professionals keep up with the drastic rate of change within enterprise infrastructures, whether your team is rushing headlong into digital transformation, moving to the cloud, or just figuring out how to keep a predominately remote workforce online, while keeping it productive and secure.

Automation helps your IT team turn from reactive to proactive. And when your IT team is no longer bogged down with easily automated recurring tasks, IT becomes a key resource for driving overall enterprise success.

In our 3 Keys to Automating IT Management ebook, Netreo Co-Founder James Mancini provides fundamental guidance on how implementing automation into IT infrastructure management (ITIM) streamlines everything from resource discovery to issue resolution and prepares your organization for maximizing returns on other top IT initiatives.

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