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Use DAX Query Viewer on Azure Analysis Service Model

By: Netreo
November 22, 2017

Data modeling and application modeling have significant importance in the developing and programmers always look for an easy yet effective way of modeling. Azure Analysis Services web designer is specially designed for the data modeling and it gives a browser-based experience to the users. It provides a useful platform for the users to create and manage the Azure Analysis Services Semantic models where the SQL Server Data tool and SQL Server Management Studio are being used as primary tools.

The integration of Azure Analysis Services web designer with the primary tools has made the application development and modeling faster and easier. It lets you create new models and make amendments in the existing models. Data Analysis Expression or DAX is a new functionality added to the web designer in order to extend the functionally of the overall services. DAX is used to create custom calculations in Analysis services and it’s similar to a formula language. Functions, values, and operators are the parts of DAX language which lets you perform advanced and complex calculations in tables and columns.

How to Start DAX Query Viewer?

The user-friendly interface of DAX Query Viewer has made its use so simple and it’s very easy to learn the language. Open the Azure portal and click on the web designer option. Afterward, select the modeling option which is present inside the designer. Always choose a model which you want to use for the query. After opening up the query designer, drag and drop the fields from the right and run a query against your model.

Use DAX Query Viewer on Azure Analysis Service Model

To view the execution of your query, switch the view from the designer to query and check the performance.

DAX Query Viewer

Here you will the presentation of the DAX query which you opened up with the new query editor and graphically created by the previously performed steps. You are allowed to made amendments to the query and get the new results on rerunning the query.

Presentation of the  DAX Query on Azure Analysis Service Model

To know more about the DAX visit Azure Analysis Services and Azure Analysis Services web designer and don’t forget to link it from a server in Azure portal.

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